Digital literacy and education are 21st century human rights. 

We are Cell4Change, a social enterprise on a mission to use technology to close the education gap for disadvantaged communities.

We collect smart and mobile devices, and use it to teach learners and train teachers in rural and township communities around South Africa. Like our name states it – we use technology to re-invent education!

We believe that inequalities in Internet connectivity and access to devices should not limit children’s exposure to technology, education and quality ECD content.​ We are a social enterprise using donated smart and mobile devices to close the education and teacher development gap for township and rural teachers and children.


To upskill ECD Practitioners to adopt technology in Early Learning to transfer critical skills to children in their ECD Centres.


To provide digital content to the ECD Centres in order to enhance the children’s literacy and numeracy skills development in preparation for primary education.



Founder, Carol Dlamini, and our trustees explain the Cell4Change concept and how to put your unused cellphone to use for a child and ECD educators.

Our Values


In all circumstances, protecting our reputation, our children and communities.


Treating others the way we want to be treated, with respect, consideration and grace.


Lifting  those around us by training, upskillin, and sharing knowledge and expertise.


In the way we conduct ourselves, our work and our business to achieve meaningful impact.

Our Value Chain

Our impact within the ECD sector is within local development; training and upskilling; job creation.

We Collect

Organizations & individuals, donate their gently used electronics to us. We collect them and give them new life.

We Load

We’ve gathered into one device a platform that integrates a variety of informative, interactive, and educational content.

We Distribute

We’ve gathered into one device a platform that integrates a variety of informative, interactive, and educational content.

We Support

We provide resources and tools to support practitioners in e-learning and digital literacy.

How You Can Donate 

Donate Once-off

Make a One Time Contribution

of R200 via PayFast

Donate Once-off

Donate your own amount from R500

via PayFast

Our Focus: Early Childhood Development

Using tech to teach literacy & numeracy

At Cell4Change we use technology to bridge the ECD education divide amongst teachers and children from low income households.

Teachers use technology to bring content to life.

Our audiences

Children younger than 10 &

Their educators

Smart devices are universal tools for connection.

Educators who are tech savvy, understand how to use tech to bring learning material to life and are the key to a quality ECD experience. Our programme provides devices to educators and access to our reading camps, familiarising them with technology and usage within the classroom.

Our Model

Tech – bridging learning divides

Cell4Change is working with major cellphone providers and the telecomm’s sector to encourage individuals and companies to donate unused mobile devices (cellphones, iPads and tablets). We ensure all donated devices are reconfigured, providing a high quality digital experience to our children.

All relevant ECD content is uploaded via the Cell4Change device for use by learners and teachers. Our content has specific educational goals for children’s literacy and numeracy. It will also host information for parents to grow their tech literacy and basic skills to help children learn further at home.

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A social enterprise using donated smart and mobile devices to close the education gap. Using donated mobile devices, ECD educators and children access important ECD content via our devices. We help them to become tech savvy boosting their ability to read, write, spell and do Maths before they turn 10 and an educators ability to bring content to life.

Our Work 


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